About Us


Enterra Energy Resources Inc., (“ENTERRA”) founded in 2011 is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta.  We deploy strategic energy infrastructure assets that assist organizations to improve their operational efficiency and unlock new value propositions with optimization & technical solutions.  Targeting customers who do not want to evaluate, procure or manage low carbon intensity energy generation & distribution systems. 

Enterra assumes the development, construction, and operation of long-lived, high value energy infrastructure assets that are difficult to replicate or substitute. That provide a basic, essential service (ensuring the supply & manage electricity or heat) through long term energy service & supply contracts.  To interconnected and isolated power distribution networks operating in emerging & mature markets. Enterra's perspective is global.  Our  vision is focused. The mission is achievable


Our vision is to increase distribution network reliability to meet load growth and  integrate intermittent renewable energy resources into interconnected and remote micro grids. 


Our mission is to deliver cost effective low carbon intensity energy solutions that offer both short and long-term value.