Energy Solutions


eUtility™ Low Carbon Energy Solutions

We deploy strategic energy infrastructure assets that assist organizations to improve their operational efficiency and unlock new value propositions with optimization & technical solutions.  




  • Commercial Energy Solutions reduce the load (energy efficiency) and shift it with demand response mechanisms. 
  • Behind The Meter (BTM) Integrated Energy Management (IEM) to optimize on-site generation. 
  • Energy storage systems located on-site to provide distributed generation. 
  • Targeting commercial operations & large public sector facilities, partnering with local private or public utilities.  



  • Industrial Energy Solutions reduce the load (energy efficiency) and shift it (demand response) to balance the client's demand vs. grid supply with energy efficiency and clean power generation & storage. 
  • Targeting medium & large industrial facilities and/or operations.



  • Hybrid Energy Solutions, optimize remote legacy and new electric energy generation & distribution infrastructure.  
  • Enhance remote diesel generation and distribution network(microgrid), operations to reduce fuel consumption while maintaining grid security & stability.
  • Integrate local solar or wind power resources into remote power generation & distribution system in order to reduce plant run time, diesel fuel consumption and OPEX.  
  • Targeting remote communities, commercial & industrial facilities and operations through partnerships with local private and/or public off-grid utilities.